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bill of lading bill of lading bill of lad·ing /-'lā-diŋ/ : a document issued by a carrier that lists goods being shipped and specifies the terms of their transport A bill of lading serves as a receipt for the 阔叶黄檀黄宫椅

bill of lading

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Bill of Lading 提单 提单 B/L is the short form of Bill of Lading which is one of the most important documents in international business. A Bill of Lading represents both a receipt for goods shipped and a bill gates

Bill Of Lading Definition | Investopedia Loading the player What is a 'Bill Of Lading' A bill of lading is a legal document between the shipper of a particular good and the carrier detailing the type, quantity and destination of

Bill of lading - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Parties International conventions International organisations A bill of lading (sometimes abbreviated as B/L or BoL ) is a document issued by a